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Blue Ridge Christian Academy: The School That Gave Fourth Graders the Creationism Test Heard Around the Internet

Answers in Genesis President Ken Ham was happy to reveal the name of the school as he criticized atheists for “lashing out” against the school, the test, the teacher, and everyone else involved in the embarrassment:

… take a look at the following quotes to give you an idea of some of the things that have been said by secularists who are undertaking this attack on Blue Ridge Christian Academy. The school received some vicious emails from atheists.

The “vicious” emails, as Ham quotes, are mostly from people who can’t fathom that any school would actually teach this bullshit:

This science test was originally posted on r/atheism. Snopes.com picked it up thinking it was a hoax. Surely, no one with their wits about them would teach a child these things. Sadly, this is an actual test. This is what passes for “science” in at least one Christian school.

I truly fear for humanity.

Science is not trivial. If the school fails at science THIS dramatically (giving wrong information is worse than giving no information), how good they are with other subjects hardly makes up for it … I won’t get into a religious debate here but religion is not science and does not help us know about the natural world. The Bible is a [word removed] textbook on nature. Belief is not scientific and does not belong in a science class.

Ham added:

These atheists have willfully suppressed the truth that there is a Creator and that His Word is true. We need to sincerely pray that these people will come to repentance and believe the gospel of Jesus Christ before it’s too late.

Science: A conspiracy run by atheists hell-bent on discovering reality.

Blue Ridge Christian Academy: The School That Gave Fourth Graders the Creationism Test Heard Around the Internet

BHA Faith Schools Campaigner Richy Thompson commented, ‘It is clear that the Catholic Church sees its state funded schools as tools for evangelisation; sees them as being, first and foremost, for children of Catholics; and sees itself as having the right to interfere in the private lives and relationships of individuals whose salaries are paid for by the state. This latest publication sets out its policies more comprehensively than ever before.

Catholic Education Service sets out its policies on its schools


The first ever Catholic state school in England or Wales which cannot select up to 100% of its pupils on the basis of their faith, if oversubscribed, has opened today. St Michael’s Catholic Secondary School in Camborne is a Free School, and therefore is not allowed to select more than 50% of its intake with reference to faith. However, this positive development has been blighted by one of their governors stating in the press last week that ‘Gays would be welcome to this school, but we would not encourage it.’ The British Humanist Association (BHA) believes this statement to be unlawful, and has expressed concern for the welfare of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) pupils starting at the school.

First ever Catholic school opens which does not fully religiously discriminate in admissions… but gays are ‘not encouraged’ to apply


Should we allow faith schools at all?

At the end of March, the Church of England published the Chadwick report. This ambitious report set out an aim to establish 200 more Anglican schools over the next five years. The report threatens church schools that will be more evangelical than in the past, and outlined as a “key premise that applies equally to children of the faith, of other faiths and of no faith” that schools would “work towards every child and young person having a life-enhancing encounter with the Christian faith and the person of Jesus Christ”. Michael Gove subsequently welcomed the report, saying that he would “extend the role of the church in the provision of schools”. 

Twitter, professional identity, and the 1st Amendment.

Interesting discussion on twitter and whether teachers using twitter for professional reasons should post about their religious beliefs.

What about tumblr? Any opinions?

Dawkins, who was one of the leading lights in the campaign, welcomed confirmation that creationists would not receive funding to run free schools if they sought to portray their views as science. “I welcome all moves to ensure that creationism is not taught as fact in schools,” he said. “Government rules on this are extremely welcome, but they need to be properly enforced.”

Richard Dawkins celebrates a victory over creationists

Free schools that teach ‘intelligent design’ as science will lose funding


"Truth in Science has sent free resources to all secondary heads of science and to school librarians around the country that seek to undermine the theory of evolution and have intelligent design ideas portrayed as credible scientific viewpoints. Speakers from Creation Ministries International are touring the UK, presenting themselves as scientists and their creationist views as science at a number of schools."

Free schools and academies were not obliged to teach the national curriculum and so were “under no obligation to teach evolution at all,” it added.