English and Literacy teacher.

Volunteer LGBT Youth Worker.

Previously taught in Indonesia.

Currently working in the North West of England.

Interested in: YA fiction, EAL/ESL, raising literacy levels, promoting reading for pleasure, celebrating diversity, inspiring creativity and cups of tea.


I went through a time of not being a whole person myself when as a young teacher, I was not completely true to my students during my time in girls’ schools between 1997-2004. There I was, teaching young women to be empowered and to become self-actualized as young feminists, and I was not even out to my students; as a result, I was not a whole educator or a whole person in my profession. I was not self-actualized.

Spoke at Smith Women in Education Conference (VIDEO)


Interesting comment in relation to my future MA project. Are LGBT teachers not ‘self-actualized’ if they haven’t come out to their students?

Click through to watch the video of  Illeana Jimenez speaking about education. She teachers feminism, LGBT Literature and other courses in New York.  Her whole blog is interesting and not like any others I’ve seen.

I haven’t actually watched this video  yet, but will when I’m at home this evening.

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