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Should teachers dissuade bright pupils from becoming hairdressers?

Thanks for the responses!

I believe students should be able to access career advice for the full range of careers, ideally getting information from teachers, career advisors and parents.

Rather than whether bright students are or aren’t dissuaded from hairdressing, a bigger concern to me is that girls who do not know what they want to do and who are not achieving well in school are automatically pushed towards child care or hairdressing, even if it may not be the right career for them.

Call me selfish, but I’d rather have my haircut by a someone who was a bright students who has chosen the career because of their passion for hair than have my hair cut by someone who got into hair dressing as they thought it was the only career option open to them.

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  2. james152006 answered: Umm… No?? That is just ignorant.. :/
  3. somethingonlygodknows answered: No, teachers should encourage children to live a life that is successful to the individual. Even if that means being a house mom or a clown.
  4. jacizzle answered: No. A girl from my grad class was pushed by advisors into a career pathway that she hated. Now she sell mattresses. She loves it.
  5. theroundandthelovely answered: ARRRRRRGGGGHHHHH! How classist/eliteist. NO NO NO. end meltdown. What our students want to do is what they want. It is about the students.
  6. jesuslovesmwa answered: people deserve to do whatever makes them truly happy some smarty pants end up in careers they hate only to change later on in life = HAPPY
  7. outside-your-window answered: No, I think the teacher should direct the student towards college. Give another positive option rather than shooting down a current dream.
  8. thevikingqueen answered: As a student and hope-to-be-teacher, I would say no. Discuss, yes. Not dissuade. Make sure the student really knows what they want instead.
  9. tomes-away answered: Oh, I had this one a few years ago. As long as they have a plan for their future, career, and happiness, the world needs mechanics& stylists
  10. princessei answered: i’m just very very curios ;)
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  12. adventuresinlearning answered: no!
  13. emilymorganwhitaker answered: There’s nothing wrong with a smart hairdresser.
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  15. cheriemyburgh answered: well you need to have some brains to become a hairdresser it involes biology, maths and people skills so no a teacher should never discourage
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    Thanks for the responses! I believe students should be able to access career advice for the full range of careers,...
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  19. quinnthefilmer answered: didnt read! it was to long! (thats what she said)!!!!!!!!!!!
  20. allisonunsupervised answered: To push students away from skilled trades and toward a flimsy degree unlikely to be completed can be an utter disgrace.
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    First I should note that I work with youth in the United States rather than the United Kingdom. I do think that all...
  22. mrskaaay answered: No; we should value education for education, not for the career options it brings.