English and Literacy teacher.

Volunteer LGBT Youth Worker.

Previously taught in Indonesia.

Currently working in the North West of England.

Interested in: YA fiction, EAL/ESL, raising literacy levels, promoting reading for pleasure, celebrating diversity, inspiring creativity and cups of tea.


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Thanks for that. I've bookmarked that post. I especially love the 'trail a student' tip. I'll be teaching English. Oh, and I have a big, long list of books to read and areas to revise before September! :) Hopefully, the initial prep will help when things get busy later on. My other query was regarding LGBTQ issues, do schools now have policies in place in the same way as racism? I worry (perhaps unnecessarily) that if it somehow comes up that I'm gay and Muslim some parents may have an issue.

Schools should have LGBT policies in place, not all do. This programme is a few years old, from Teacher’s TV, but is a good look at being a gay teacher http://www.teachersmedia.co.uk/videos/gay-teachers I would be very surprised if you were the only gay teacher in your school

Every teacher should join a union, which will be free for you during your PGCE anyway, in fact you can join them all and take the goodie bag! I was told once that NUT offer better support to LGBTQ teachers, I’m not sure how true this is. I was a member of NASWT as I had a better relationship with their in school rep and I felt if I ever had a problem I’d feel more comfortable talking to him. The NUT website has a LGBT page that may be of use to you http://www.teachers.org.uk/lgbt

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